Have you ever wanted to redesign your kitchen? Perhaps you get annoyed with the lack of space in your kitchen, or think about how you could do things better if you had a chance to reshuffle the units in your kitchen! The kitchen is a highly used area of most homes, where visitors tend to gather and delicious food is prepared.  Depending on how you use your kitchen, you could layout the design in different ways.

The main things to think about when redesigning your kitchen are:

  • Budget – this is the most important part of your redesign, as your budget sets what you can do. The larger your budget, the more you can do with your new design!
  • Use of the kitchen – some families want a kitchen which can become the main hub of the home, others prefer to be able to close a door on the kitchen. If you want your kitchen to be a thriving mass of activity, you can add extra counters, an island or all sorts of living areas to make your kitchen  the most useful room.  If you prefer to keep your kitchen separated from the rest of the house, a sturdy door which can be closed keeps cooking smells and dirty plates hidden away!