I was ona holiday recently, travelling about and was in a very scenic part of Canada for a couple of days.  It was great looking around some ‘old’ cottages up in a Heridian heritage centre – I found myself in the company of nearly 100 very tough scots folk who were doing their own voyages of discovery – mostly regarding relatives who had flown the nest many generations ago.  I found the whole experience exhiliarating to visit a very windswept old crofter’s cottage.  Inside were the various items it was thought the first settlers had brought with them on the long voyage from Scotland to Nova Scotia . . . .  very rudimentary selection it was too.  A bison horn hollowed out to make a drinking flask.  Wooden platters to eat off – or boards, hence we get the phrase, board and lodgings – you carried your food board with you.  We so rely o instant quick preparation time with kitchens dripping with stainless steel pans and vessels.  Massive cooking stoves of all sorts.