Furniture for any room

Storage for any purpose


Requests and Quotes

The first point of contact is usually the most awkward, not knowing what questions to ask.  Some things you might have no idea about and just want advice, thatís no problem.

Some useful information I would ask for would be:

  • What do you require, wardrobe, table or alcove units etc.?
  • Free standing or fitted?
  • Solid timber?
  • Painted/Finish?

Fitted furniture

This is furniture made to exact measurements and usually to fitted into a required space: alcove units, for example. This will always entail a certain amount of site work, sometimes over several days.

With fitted furniture, I always scribe the edge of panels to walls, floors and ceilings. I try to avoid the little trim pieces or covering boards that you will find in more commercial furniture.

You also have the option of not having internal backs, or sometimes even sides. This enables you to maximise storage space and can often be helpful should there be any electrics within a unit.

Free standing furniture

This speaks for itself. A piece of furniture that is delivered finished, and can be placed anywhere you wish.

A bespoke piece of furniture would be made to measure and sometimes made to fit within a certain space.

Construction detail

All painted framed doors are usually made from solid Tulipwood, a hardwood timber, and set in a solid frame. All joints to frames and doors are mortice and tennon.

Doors can be set in solid timber frames with butt hinges, or overlayed using concealed hinges. There are many different types of hinges to accommodate  all sorts of applications, so I donít believe that there can be a set rule for all.

Drawers are all dovetailed with a solid Tulipwood front and mounted on softclose runners.


All prices given are quotations, so there are no hidden extras after completion.

As with all my clients I work very closely  at every step to ensure that they understand what they are getting and to make sure they get what they want.

Samples can be produced too.

General Procedure

Contact made, discussion as to ascertain what is required.

Usually a site visit to meet each other, also to include, measuring and to clarify where the piece will be placed or fitted, and any other details.

Normally a drawing made or one provided.

Quotation will be given.

Normally a deposit would be required upon  acceptance of quotation and a delivery date agreed.

Delivery and installation.

Final payment paid on satisfactory completion of all work.