Things they are a-changing where home decor is concerned.  The way we look at and present our homes is altering according to the style of programme we like to watch on day time tv – I have seen many a sitting room that has undergone a rapid transformation from a twee overfilled death trap into a light filled, calmly furnished oasis of relaxation.    This is due to the plethora of fantastic style shows that cover how to declutter and make tidy;  how to reuse the existing furniture in a house but in a better way;  how to decorate a room etc. etc.   There are many other shows that deal with the personal decor when accessorising a room too.   The colour scheme we choose often reflects favourite memories from childhood – keeping the neutral palette is fine up to a point but then a splash of something truly exotic will never be unappreciated.    Adding really beautiful cushions to a plain suite that co-ordinates with the curtains is a fast and inexpensive method.