When you go out into a garden, any garden, there will inevitably be some form of seating – a bench, couple of patio chairs, swing settee underneath a canopy . . . . . .   the variety is endless and for the most part, each will be lovingly popped into the garage or shed for protection over the worst of the winter.  What we don’t need to do however is decorate anything outside very often.  Unlike in the house – the internal decor is very important to us.  How a room looks says a great deal about us ad our personality.  Take the uniquitous cream 3 seater leather sofa and matching armchair.  I have one set exactly so – plus another matching 2 seater sofa, which is in my family room.   The set was bought new as we waited for our house to be built – a well known furnishing store was closing down and they had a tremendous sale.  We managed to buy three beds, complete with matresses and headboards; the sofas and armchair and lots of large pictures from their display settings – it would have cost a fortune if the shop wasn’t closing.  I’m sure if there had been online sites, he would have managed a bargain like that – I like to think so.