I have never felt totally happy in dark wood lined rooms.  I’m wondering if this has anything at all to do with my sister having locked me in our nan’s shed once and dropped the key, so I was stuck in there for some while until the whole family had searched and failing to find the key, broke down the door and got me out.    The smell of a shed doesn’t worry me persay, but I can’t shut the door unless I’m in charge of the shutting/locking device.  So when I was visiting some friends who have bought an old house – plans to refurbish and fully redecorate in the making at this very minute – I was horrified to find myself wandering around a very wood lined interior.  It was awful – real 1970s planks up the walls, on the ceiligs and even up the stairs.  Strangely though, the only place it wasn’t utilised fully was on the floor.  The wonderful solid oak planks we enjoy today were not fashionable then – no it was shag pile carpets to tone with the wooden slatted walls.  Help!