Decorating is a fun task, where you can really add your own stamp to your home. There are different colour families to choose from, and each adds a different feel to a room. A good way to try out different colour types is to use tester pots of your favourite paint colours, which are often available at your local DIY shop. Tester pots allow you to try different colours and formulations in different areas of your room to see how it looks in different lights.

For a relaxing feel, cool toned colours in light shades are a good choice. These include green, blue, pastel colours and light finishes. A satin or silk finish helps to bounce light around and make a room feel more spacious, especially in a light colour.  Cream is a popular choice, but it can be a little bit boring if other colours are not added.

To make a room feel luxurious and warm, darker shades in warm tones like yellows, reds, pinks and purples can make a cosy feel.  Matt finish or velvet finish can be a luxurious and stylish choice, making walls look perfect. Be sure to smooth over any dents or cracks in walls before painting with matt finish paint though!