Kitchens are a very personal matter.  Well so are most things in our own houses of course, but how we like to work in a kitchen is a critical to our existence.  I don’t do a lot of cooking these days, or I didn’t until a little while ago when I realised I’d fallen into the trap that many singletons do – eating any old thing for the main meal, because it’s easy and quick and I’d lost interest in the fundamental art of choosing food and cooking a decent meal for myself.   However I have recently started to try different recipes and have actually enjoyed the process of sitting and thinking about what I’d actually find tasty and how I want to cook it.  Having a modern kitchen helps.  Mine’s not overly large – but I have work space and lots of useful cupboards.  The overn has a pull down door which helps with weighty dishes, and I’m only now, years after moving in, discovering the joy of having a utility room separate from the main concourse!