All properties nowadays have heating and cooking by lectricity or gas as the first option available.  having so many choices of cookig range and hob top available for kitchens.  these are a couple of the choices to consider.

Gas cooker –  flames are generated under the cooking pan.  Fantastic for quckly changing the temperature and are inexpensive to operate.  Howwver, they are notoriously more difficult to keep shiny and clean compared to other methods.  But it can be done.
Induction hob: Very similar to ceramic types, circular coils  generatie a pure magnetic field this unducting the heat directly under the pan.    TThey require special pans and this can be an expense not catered for.

Ceramic:  generating the heat just under the pan which keeps it centred.   A hob made of ceramic finished is special glass which very  easy to keep spotles and is stylish – poweered by electricity of course.