I must say that having a large and cumbersome leather four seater sofa in the main sitting room, and its little sister, a two seater, in the family room, it is easy to be a bit careless with food and drink.  The arms on the smaller sofa seem to jump at me sometimes – and my cuppa often spills down the sides.  But unlike with a beautiful floral or tweed number, it doesn’t get wrecked.  I leap out of the seat and fetch my leather cleaner spray and a clean cloth.  A couple of sprays and wipes and bob’s your uncle as they say.

That is not the way forward with some furniture though and if I had one of those divine danish light ash wooden table and chair sets, then obviously I would be taking much greater care of them.   No banging around with the vacuum cleaner for a start – more damage is sustained that way than with coffee I feel!