Princely Pooches Banned From Personal Suite

I’ve never been a pet lover of the type that lets pets sit on chairs or my bed.  In fact I’m not that keen on anyone else going near my bed, animal or human.  It’s funny how we get used to having our own private, personal space.  I have waivered over the years and at last I am happy in my own house with my own choice of furniture and fabrics.  The walls are the same throughout because when I last had the place decorated, the chap was over for a holiday from his own home and only had two weeks in which to do my work.  He did carry out the total redecoration of the downstairs.  I gave great assistance by emptying and moving various peices of furniture and cleaning around the walls etc. before he began.  And any visiting dogs just have to stay put in the parlour – after my gargantuan decorating, they’re not welcome!

Pretend Favours To Sneak In Spare TV

Oh how I laughed to myself the other day when returning from a birthday weekend with family.  They’d asked me to sit in to take delivery of a pet food delivery whilst they went pet training.  As we were already going out the next day, I accepted the chance to sleepover at their fabulous country pile.   The light there just seems bigger, shinier – cleaner!  They have a lovely big kitchen but now want a studio to design it properly for best ergonomic use.  They also have a beautifully designed and themed lounge, with a big tv that I thought made all nature programmes come more alive than on  my scruffy little set.  Well when I returned home – to my delight there was a bigger tv installed in my sitting room – with a huge red ribbon & bow attached.  My recent hosts had fixed the delivery plot to get me out of the house !  Such delight.

Safety in Your Home or Office

Fire safety is a big deal for most home owners and business owners. Whether you are taking precautions such as installing up to date smoke and fire detectors, or you are having specialised equipment installed inside your building, there are lots of ways to keep our property safe from fire and smoke.

One such was is through installing special smoke vents. These are well known about in industrial buildings, however it seems fewer people know what they are or understand how they work within commercial and residential property.  A smoke vent is essentially a vent or shaft which directs smoke away from rooms and windows, and out through either a roof or wall.  They work to prevent a build up of smoke in the event of a fire, and help to ensure people inside the building are safer to escape without inhaling lots of smoke.

If you want to find out more about smoke vents, the products available, or purchase a smoke vent, we recommend you reach out to an expert company. This smoke vent website is a good start, based in the UK and currently one of the most proficient in this field.

Knowing How To Deal Gets The Best Home Setting

I have had the joy of helping a young couple move to  their ‘forever’ home.  This does seem a bit unlikely as they are both in their late 20s/early 30s but they found the whole business of selling their first house very stressful and have decided that they’ve already found the perfect spot to live out their very much longer retirement period.  I suspect they will go house hunting again in a couple of years.   When they’ve done everything they can to the current beauty and have got exceedingly bored.  Gettig this house right has been wonderful fun though.  They saw it when it was an empty shell – a conversion of a victorian building.  They’ve agreed all the way along – perhaps differing only on a few small points.  The decor is indeed magnificent and because the chap is a very good organiser and fixer, he has done a fantastic job getting their deals into place.

Knowing Colour Tones to Use in Your Home

Decorating is a fun task, where you can really add your own stamp to your home. There are different colour families to choose from, and each adds a different feel to a room. A good way to try out different colour types is to use tester pots of your favourite paint colours, which are often available at your local DIY shop. Tester pots allow you to try different colours and formulations in different areas of your room to see how it looks in different lights.

For a relaxing feel, cool toned colours in light shades are a good choice. These include green, blue, pastel colours and light finishes. A satin or silk finish helps to bounce light around and make a room feel more spacious, especially in a light colour.  Cream is a popular choice, but it can be a little bit boring if other colours are not added.

To make a room feel luxurious and warm, darker shades in warm tones like yellows, reds, pinks and purples can make a cosy feel.  Matt finish or velvet finish can be a luxurious and stylish choice, making walls look perfect. Be sure to smooth over any dents or cracks in walls before painting with matt finish paint though!

Choosing Curtains or Blinds for Your Home

Choosing the right curtains and blinds for your home is an important task – they serve a function as well as looking good! The different styles of curtains or blinds you go for can depend on a number of things:

  1. Which room you are working on
  2. The light and shade required in the room
  3. The design and decor
  4. Personal taste
  5. Budget

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, we very much like the style of blinds, as these can easily be moved out of the way and are easy to keep clean.  In the kitchen, it can be a good idea to go for a style which can be gently wiped clean, especially as the window is so often above a sink!  Bathroom windows could generally benefit from a blind fabric which is resistant to water and heat.  Curtains look best in bedrooms and living areas, where they can be artistically styled to look fantastic.