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About Jonathan Hogben

jonathan_hogbenAfter studying “Fine Craft and Design” At Rycotewood College, Thame, Oxon. full time for two years, I found myself out on the inevitable job market at 19 years old, staying with anyone who would have me. I finally ended up staying with my Aunt and Uncle in Blaxhall, on the east coast of Suffolk.

From there my searches for work lead me to the coast. I now finally realised that this was probably not the best area in the country to be looking for work relating to the furniture industry, only Boats, Dinghies, Yachts, Launches and Fishing boats.

StardustI finally found a small furniture business looking to recruit a bench joiner, perfect for a young man to start his career, I thought!  No, not for me! On the same day I was offered work, fitting out a luxury Yacht in Mallorca.

Any sensible person would have opted for the secure employed career option, and gaining much more experience and increasing confidence. No, not me.  Young free and single, I opted for going self employed and going into a trade that I knew nothing about, where nothing is level or square. 

I soon learned some very worthwhile skills that were not taught in the furniture industry, as that was mostly all from straight lines and square edges. I soon realised that the skills I had learned in college and the skills learned on the job in the boat building world would set me in good stead.

Launching_Stardust_2002Eventually I found myself with no option but to take on a three year project alone, fitting out a 43’ Steel Yacht to an extremely high specification. Her owner, who also built her hull himself, worked with me to create and make every item to the highest standard. Working so closely with an expert in engineering taught me many things, apart from the degree of accuracy but also perfection is worth waiting for. The launch of Stardust finished my twelve years in the boat building industry.

I now return to my workshop for inspiration, and to get back to where I originally wanted to be, making furniture. I soon found that the skills of fitting out boats proved its worth when it came to fitting furniture into some of the older houses and cottages in the Suffolk area, where I have been producing bespoke furniture for the last ten years.